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    Uppsala, Sweden

    An absolutely amazing place! Friends are included free of charge. Katy does an excellent job of running the community, constantly working to improve the house and accommodate any reasonable requests. There is no doubt in my mimd where I will stay next time I am in the area.


    Bucharest, Romania

    I had an awesome summer at Radio Eden. Everyone is very kind and it's a good opportunity to meet new people. What I find worth mentioning is that before I arrived there I was afraid that I might have issues sleeping in a shared room, but they do a really great job taking into account sleeping habits and I can't tell how well I slept the entire summer. Other than that, I am myself more of an introvert and I still had a really great time at Radio Eden.


    Boston, United States

    Katy and her team have built a community of innovators, intellectuals, and friends that are welcoming and fun. It's a great place to network and meet interesting folks who are doing amazing work.


    Texas, United States

    I'm 45 years old, married with two children. I'm outside the stereo typical guest that stays at Radio Eden. That being said, I loved the experience. There wasn't anything I was surprised by. Hmm. Maybe one thing, I thought there would be a few more people. Katy is super helpful and super knowledgeable. I met people from China, Japan, Russia, Czech Republic, France, and Taiwan. The guests are very smart people and have interesting lives. I encourage future guests to keep an open mind and open heart. Learn from people, listen to people. If you do, you'll bring experieince more than you expected.


    Sippy Downs, Australia

    This hacker house is more than a place to stay, it's a quasi home away from home. The guests and staff are a friendly, no bs genuine crew of science and tech nerds. There are a few musical instruments around too. It caters well for private space as well as social activities like board games, jam sessions, movies and obscure conversation. The beds and bathrooms are basic but clean and the place is run professionally with check in and out and allocations. I didn't utilise the kitchen spaces. Definitely suits the solo traveller looking to avoid being alone during their stay.


    Kita Ward, Japan

    【Best Place Ever】 Radio Eden is absolutely best place if you wanna get along with awesome people from all over the world. I stayed for 6 weeks for a summer internship and met bunch of awesome people in Radio Eden. We went out to San Fransisco, Santa Cruz, and Shore line lake etc. What's more, the residents are not just party people. They are doing there best to achieve their goals. I'll definitely come back again. 【Cautions】 Book well in advance! I actually wanted to stay here for 7 weeks, but it got full when I tried to make a reservation. This is the sigh that Radio Eden is super nice to stay!


    Boston, United States

    Katy, Derrick, and Eric were great! From day one I felt apart of an awesome community of people. I relocated to this area and to be able to get off a plane and go off and hike with an amazing group of people was such a great welcome! What you get at Radio Eden is not just a bed and a place to stay, but a community of unique individuals who are incredibly friendly and welcoming. I cannot recommend this place enough to people who are relocating to Silicon Valley and want an excellent base before venturing into permanent housing. I am so happy I decided to stay here!


    São Paulo, Brazil

    A wonderful place and very receptive and welcoming. I was very comfortable in the house and all the convenience of the house and everything that is offered is in great taste. The people who pass by the house are the best people to live with. The owners are very attentive and kind always concerned about your good stay. I recommend


    Denver, United States

    Great place! It's more of an experience than anything else. They've done a great job fostering a hacker culture among those that stay here. I highly recommend it for tenacious self-starters looking to meet like minded individuals.


    Prague, Czech Republic

    I was proud to call this place a home during my summer internship. Katy, Derrick and other RAs were super fun to hang out with. The house is huge and I met so many extraordinary people during my stay here with whom I could talk to about fascinating topics. Definitely stay in this place if you dont mind sharing a room!


    Baltimore, United States

    Staying at Radio Eden for a number of weeks was the highlight of my summer. I stayed for ten weeks during a summer internship. This is the place to stay if you're looking to meet great people with a wide variety of interests and personalities. The RAs do a great job of making sure any needs are taken care of - especially considering the potential chaos posed by the large number of residents staying at once. They keep it under control and they are such caring, smart people. Radio Eden is best enjoyed if you have intentions to meet people and hang out while you stay. At the same time, I was able to find privacy in my bedroom when I wanted it. My stay was the perfect balance of fun and comfort thanks to the RAs and the friends that I made.


    Pennsylvania, United States

    My stay at Radio Eden was wonderful. I will definitely stay here when I visit bay area again. In one word, Radio Eden is a worthwhile social entrepreneurship rather than a typical house you may expect to find on Airbnb. Silicon Valley is an exciting place, but not so much if you don't have many friends here. I met so many interesting people here and the experience is invaluable. I am working on a VR project and I met people working in robotics, graphics, web and back-end, machine learning, non-profit, marketing and an Italian guy. A lot of conversation I had with these people turned out to be quite inspiring. It is almost a no-brianer if you are temporarily visiting (conference, internship, etc) the bay area and don't mind sleeping in a bunk bed and don't mind seeing other human-beings. I visited the bay area three times and I have to say Radio Eden is the best comparing to the other two. Actually the awesomeness of this place went through the ceiling. It's in downtown Mountain View so a lot of good bars and restaurant nearby and the transportation is super convenient. I hung out with new buddies in one of the bars and had a great time. There is a gigantic TV in the living room where people watch movies together. Modern people are pathetic in the way that we need an alibis to hang out with each other, rather than being born into a tribe and having blood bonds with your tribe buddies. Looking back, most my friends come from neighbors of childhood, classmates and co-workers. Radio Eden in that sense is like a particle accelerator for young people to collide in their life paths, no matter which country you come from and what brings you to the Silicon Valley. I only stayed here for three weeks and I felt like graduating from a college in the end. Radio Eden is indeed a mini college campus; to be strict it is a college campus without a bunch of assholes. People come back to hang out with their old buddies even after they find a more permanent place to live. There is a person who come back virtually every day (yes Beth, I am talking about you). I have never seen a community like this. If you want to witness this magnificent social experiment, the entrance ticket is only 50 bucks. 12/10 would watch Russian Sherlock Holmes with you guys again.


    Atlanta, United States

    Living here was one of the best experiences I've had in life. I made friends from over 10 countries. Katy and the other RAs were super friendly and helpful. The closeness to Castro street and the caltrain station makes it pretty accessible to food and transport. There are many activities that help the residents bond well as well as places where you can work in silence. I loved each moment of living there and would certainly recommend it to people who are interested in staying in a diverse community to learn more from lives of others.


    Santa Cruz, United States

    How often do you book an Airbnb and inadvertantly become part of a movement? One of the best experience staying with others I have ever had. Katy was super organized, gracious, and friendly. Thank you!


    Saint Paul, United States

    I adore Radio Eden. It is a rare chance to get to be a part of such an exciting community, with such a genuine desire to make something great. Katy works so hard and is so thoughtful about everything. Which is why it's especially amazing that she's so receptive to feedback and ideas for the house. Obviously there are benefits to having your own room or a more expensive (bigger) bed, but it's also invaluable to get to be so close to downtown mountain view and living with so many kind and interesting people.


    Boston, United States

    It's an amazing place, with all the awesomeness of a Hackerspace. Katy will provide a box for bathroom items, clean sheets and blankets upon arrival, and ask about what kind of sleeper you are. The rules are simple and make everybody happy. You will find amazing and friendly people doing all sorts of interesting things.


    Ann Arbor, United States

    Awesome people, great times, and tons of technical conversations! My time here was AMAZING! I had so much fun hanging out and talking with people. If you're not into partying, they have early-riser and light-sleeper rooms. And If you need a quiet place to study/read/work/etc, they also have a quite study area. If you like to play Super Smash Bros, then THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO! Nearly all the residents play and many are very good. There really is something for everyone here! I highly recommend!


    Los Angeles, United States

    My time at the hacker dorm was amazing. I had high expectations going into the experience and what I encountered was even better. I met people from all around the world and a plenty of software engineers like me. Katy herself was great and helped me out with my job hunt and told me about her experiences in the field. Overall it felt like I was living with a bunch of roommates that I had known for a while. The organization of everything was amazing, obviously done by a software engineer. The house ran like a well oiled machine. The beds were really comfortable and the way they split up rooms by sleeping preferences was a great idea. I'm definitely staying here the next time I am in the area.