• Show Me Your Moves

    Casual Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament

    Hosted by Radio Eden and Alliance Dvaraka

    1012 W Dana St, Mountain View


    July 23rd, 2017 at 2PM
    Registration closes at 1:50PM

  • FAQ

    How does this work?

    We're playing singles. If the winner is from your house, you win.

    Can we play doubles?

    If enough people are interested.

    Can alumni play for their house?


    How do you define alumni?

    Somebody who has slept a night in the house prior to the announcement of this tournament or who helps run critical infrastructure as a volunteer. Alumni must also be on good terms with their house.

    My house no longer exists. Can we still represent our house?


    Are you playing NTSC? (the American version vs the Japanese version)

    Yes we are playing the North American version

    Can we come even if we don't play?

    Please do!

    How can I help?

    Bring a CRT/setup. Food is also great.

  • Come On!