• Misery Loves Charity

    Mess with your housemates for a great cause

    All proceeds go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation
    (The ACLU for the internet)
    All costs are paid for by Radio Eden and volunteers
  • We're going to try to play games.

    Alumni and friends donate to mess with us and mess with other viewers.

    You can watch the chaos here:

  • How Does This Work?

    Viewers control the stream by donating to charity. There are two options:

    The Hat

    Challenge Selected at Random: $20
    Challenge Selected by Donor's Choice: $30

    Partial challenge list

    • Player plays blindfolded and takes directions from somebody else
    • Player plays only with DDR pads
    • Reverse the joystick y axis (or other configurable option) from the player's preference
    • Player is only permitted to use the melee combat options (in an FPS or RPG game.)
    • Player has to play sitting upside down on the couch
    • Two players must cooperate to use one controller
    • Players have to balance objects on their heads, and if they drop an item must die once in the game.


    Challenge Selected at Random: $70

    Challenge Selected by Donor's Choice: $120

    • Playing GTA as a model citizen (please include unique personalized compliments to each NPC you meet)
    • Playing Dora (the Explorer) Saves the Crystal Kingdom
    • A dramatic reading of a half hour TV show (somehow this winds up being My Little Pony a lot). Donor can request voices for characters.
    • "Keep talking and nobody gets a pie in the face"
    • If you request something before the stream begins, please tell us when you'd prefer it on air so we can do our best to line it up with when you'll be watching.
    • Challenges can be added to the hat or events, please check that your suggested addition will be accepted by contacting an event host (Katy or Mike) or in the stream chat. 
    • It does not matter what player you donate through on the donation page, we're just trying to make a nice big pile o' money for the EFF.

    Here are the games we are playing this year (AV malfunctions permitting):

    • QWOP
    • Dark Souls
    • Maniac Mansion (and other classic adventure games)
    • Super Mario Bros 3
    • Left 4 Pokemon 2 (a group of mods for Left 4 Dead 2 where all the zombies are Pokemon)
    • SSBM Tiers E&F only, no mains, on Pokefloats (etc)
    • Various absurd visual novels (with voices)
      • Hatoful Boyfriend
      • The Sempai (Seinfield).
    • Zelda, Breath of the Wild, no clothes for character (players wear clothes, but can put shoe on head if you insist)
  • Founded in 1990, the EFF is the leading grassroots nonprofit activist group defending civil liberties in a digital world.

    Radio Eden is not associated with the EFF in any way. We are just huge fans of their work. 

    If we do something dumb, hate us not them.

    The EFF is great.

  • Special Thanks To:

    Indie Games for Good

    Particularly Matt Rasmussen (Stonehenge '14). These guys taught us how to run these events, then let us steal all of their equipment on top of it. You can find their annual (much larger and better) annual fundraising stream at www.iggmarathon.com Their more frequent work is at https://www.twitch.tv/cloudboatarmada