• Radio Eden

    Flexible Communal Co-Living

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    What Is Radio Eden?

    Radio Eden offers flexible community co-living options for stays of a few months during transitional periods such as moving to the area, or short-term work like a startup incubator program, internships or contracting. Some housemates move in nearby and become family, while others continue to live with us.

    You could come from anywhere to make a better life, pay student debt, get your big career break, build an amazing company or to make a difference. We're here to make feeling at home easier.

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    Why Does Community Living Matter?

    Some things have always been taught communally like cooking, languages, music, and computers, but in-person communities are becoming rarer. Radio Eden seeks to build places where we can learn from each other for learning's sake: inter-generational financially-accessible co-living communities.


    Each house acts as one communal household. This comes with both responsibilities and benefits. Please check them out before deciding if our communities are right for you.

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    Where You Want To Be

    Locations are set up in walkable areas near grocery stores. Each location is also chosen to be near public transit and commuter shuttles to major employers. Tell us where you're going and we'll help you find the right location.

    Often it does not make sense for people who bring cars to live with us. Cars let housemates commute further, giving them access to cheaper options farther away from downtown.

  • Join the fun!

    Learn a hobby. Make some friends. Have an adventure.