• Make a New Community

    A Win for Everybody

  • Why

    You Should Put a Community on Your Unoccupied Property

    Peace of Mind

    Staff Lives on Campus

    We get to know every single resident by living side by side with them, and staff is tasked with creating a culture that is respectful of your home. We will see your property every single day, inside and out. We will know if any building issues risk damaging your property without anybody telling us. This prevents unaddressed issues from damaging the building. When something does come up, we can even coordinate and oversee the contractors who fix it.


    Low-Hassle Income

    Be a Part of Something

    A Growing Community

    Our residents come from many backgrounds to build a truly wonderful community.

  • Why

    You Should Put a Community on Your Unoccupied Property

    Low-Hassle Income

    You deal directly with us and do not have to chase down individual residents. We have professional staff at every building, and substitutes for when they are sick or go on vacation. We meet every resident in person, live with them, and foster an atmosphere that is respectful of your home. There is no lower-hassle way to run a property.

    Grow Your Professional Network

    We house professionals from many fields and many countries at many professional stages. We also meet the founders of companies while they are still in extremely early stages. We will know their character from living with them, and we will be able to speak well of you from our experience of doing business with you.

    We're Experienced

    We have operated a total of 12 houses over a span 10 years. We have been doing this for longer than Airbnb has existed. We have honed our systems, we know the laws, we know how to train people, and we know how to run a strong and respectful community. Nobody is more qualified to run this operation than we are.

    Protect Your Future Home

    An occupied home will immediately know if a leaky roof, a flooded basement, or other issues risk damaging your home if not immediately corrected. We have professional staff at every location, carefully caring for both the community and the wellbeing of the property.

    We're Local

    When something breaks, handling it from afar is difficult and stressful. We can introduce you to our network of contractors to solve issues and even coordinate their work.

    Vacant Homes Are a Risk

    American law has provisions (called Adverse Possession) where if somebody uses an unoccupied home for long enough without an agreement with the owner, they can claim ownership of it. Many areas of the Bay have also proposed special taxes on vacant housing, and some already impose special fees. Still more have financial consequences if the property appearance deteriorates. With us, you do not have to worry about any of this. Our lawyers know what we need to do to avoid these (and many other) hassles.

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